Krystal Flash


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Valuable to increase the effectiveness of your flies and lures, either freshwater or saltwater.

Available in the colours listed below as chosen for their use and popularity.

Fibres are about 11 to 12 inches long.

Price: $1.00 per unit, package of 8 items of different colours $7.

FTO10QX3 Dark Green QX-3
FTO10QX4 Gold QX-4
FTO10QX5 Dark Blue QX-5
FTO10QX6 Silver QX-6
FTO10QX39 Black QX-39
FTO10QX48 Red QX-48
FTO10QX50 Light Blue QX-50
FTO10QX62 Yellow QX-62

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Dark Green, Gold, Dark Blue, Silver, Black, Red, Light Blue, Yellow, Package of 8


Package of 8, Single Item


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