Quickly estimate the Atlantic salmon’s length, keeping the fish in the water. Then use this handy ASF Salmometer, after release, to estimate the salmon’s weight. Measure from the tip of the snout to the fork in the tail.

How to Release a Wild Salmon

  • Use barbless or pinched hooks
  • Retrieve and release fish quickly
  • Cut the leader if necessary
  • Keep the fish in the water
  • Allow only 5 seconds out of the water for a photo of the fish
  • Hold the fish gently in a natural swimming position, facing upstream until it revives

The Atlantic Salmon Federation works throughout the range of the wild Atlantic salmon in Canada and the U.S.

Check out ASF’s new and vibrant video on “How To Release A Salmon” at www.asf.ca

Also, you may download the handy card below:


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